about e-sushi

Since 1997, people on and off the internet mostly know me as “e-sushi”, but my real name is Mike Edward Moras. I am an experienced cybersecurity expert, a well-vetted cross-platform software development specialist, as well as a seasoned graphic design professional who embraces visual communications across all media.

During the past three decades, I served the military of two different countries, helped startups evolve into full-blown businesses, enhanced the cybersecurity of major corporations and institutions, and have been featured in a multitude of books, magazines, and news articles around the globe.


A range of recent news articles talking about me (and how I uncovered a FaceBook security issue which turned out to be a Facebook privacy scandal with global impact, which affected millions of people) can be found at TheDailyBeast, SecurityWeek, USA Today, BusinessInsider, Newsweek, ArsTechnica, Gizmodo, Daily Mirror, Guardian, BBC News, RT, CNET, PC Welt, Golem, der Standard, Le Soir, etc.

Also, search engines tend to provide a range of information about me when you look up my real name. Just try it via DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine is.

note: e-sushi comes in different cyber security modes of operation

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