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Since 1997, people on and off the internet mostly know me as “e-sushi”, but my real name is Mike Edward Moras. I am an experienced cybersecurity expert, a well-vetted cross-platform software development specialist, as well as a seasoned graphic design professional who embraces visual communications across all media.

During the past three decades, I served the military of two different countries, helped startups evolve into full-blown businesses, enhanced the cybersecurity of major corporations and institutions, and have been featured in a multitude of books, magazines, and news articles around the globe.


A range of recent news articles talking about me, and how I uncovered a FaceBook security issue as well as a Facebook privacy scandal, can be found at TheDailyBeast, SecurityWeek, USA Today, BusinessInsider, Newsweek, ArsTechnica, Gizmodo, Daily Mirror, Guardian, BBC News, RT, CNET, PC Welt, Golem, der Standard, Le Soir, etc.

Also, search engines tend to provide a bit of an overview when you look up my name. Just try it via DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine is.

Twitter Moments

Every now and then I publish a heads-up related to cybersecurity via Twitter, which I then archive as #moments for reference purposes. Please feel invited to have a look…

Older moments have been purged during my big Twitter cleanup frenzy in December 2018, but I’m sure some internet archives still have copies of them hidden somewhere.

Sharing Knowledge

Whenever it makes sense and time allows me to, I share my knowledge with others. I do so securely via encrypted channels, privately via my email account, publicly via my Twitter account, and from May 2013 to January 2019 I invested a truckload of time on the questions and answers at the StackExchange network. Some might even remember me in my function as a former, elected moderator at cryptography.stackexchange.com.

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