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Since 1997, people on and off the internet mostly know me as “e-sushi”. I am a well-vetted cross-platform software development expert, an experienced cybersecurity specialist, as well as a seasoned graphic design professional who embraces visual communications across all media.

During the past three decades, I served the military of two different countries, helped startups evolve into full-blown businesses, enhanced the information security of major corporations and institutions, and have been featured in a multitude of books and magazines around the globe.

I am always open to talk about project cooperation or maybe even interesting job offers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch whenever you think it makes sense…



security [at] e-sushi.net





security [at] e-sushi.net



things you might not know about e-sushi

In 2009, some of my (meanwhile unavailable) red team infosec software became part of the story in a book called “F0rb1dd3n ~The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real” by Jayson E. Street. (screenshot of related credits)

From June 30, 2015 up until December 18, 2018 I invested a significant amount of my spare time working as a pro bono moderator at the Cryptography.StackExchange website.

Every now and then, my two cents get mentioned in articles like “How To Deal With A Hacker Finding Holes In Your Security”.


e-sushi’s free downloads


e-sushi’s MiniBin – screenshot showing advanced configuration.e-sushi’s  MiniBin – screenshot showing icon theming.

Quick, easy recycle bin by e-sushi for your Microsoft Windows system tray area. MiniBin is completely configurable and themeable. It can be installed locally on your system, or you can extract MiniBin as a portable application so you can put it on an USB stick.

Download: minibin.zip


e-sushi’s DiskEject – screenshot showing eject options.

Stop looking for that eject button. Open your CD/DVD tray with ease using this tiny, portable software by e-sushi for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Download: diskeject.zip

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