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Since 1997, people on and off the internet mostly know me as “e-sushi”. I am a well-vetted cross-platform software development expert, an experienced information security specialist, as well as a seasoned graphic design professional who embraces visual communications across all media.

During the past three decades, I served the military of two different countries, helped startups evolve into full-blown businesses, enhanced the information security of major corporations and institutions, and have been featured in a multitude of books and magazines around the globe.

In my spare time, I fiddle with diverse sourcecode and dabble in the realms of information security and cyber defense. This includes my cryptography and cryptanalysis related Q&A contributions to Cryptography.StackExchange, which have reached well over half a million people up until today.

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Sent to: electronic.sushi@gmail.com


Visit: @originalesushi

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Visit: https://www.paypal.me/esushi


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e-sushi downloads

minibin by e-sushi

Quick, easy, and completely configurable recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area.

Download: minibin.zip

diskeject by e-sushi

Eject your disk(s) with easy using this tiny software for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Download: diskeject.zip

enlighten by e-sushi

Light up the darkness with this minimal app for Google Android.

Download: EnLighten.apk

tea-time by e-sushi

This little, free terminal program by e-sushi is a /dev/urandom for tinfoil hatters that run Linux.

Download: https://snapcraft.io/tea-time

music by e-sushi

Here’s a small collection of 26 MP3 tracks featuring some of the electronic music productions which I have been producing over the years.

Download: music_by_e-sushi.zip

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