Best cryptocurrency web mining pool offering maximal payouts in Bitcoin or Monero.


Provide a valid Bitcoin address to receive BTC payouts. If you prefer to receive XMR payouts, enter a valid Monero address.

Stealth mode mining allows silent, low CPU impact mining. This way you can mine at work with minimal CPU ventilator noise. The drawback is that your mining speed will be slower than possible.


pool target progress (not counting current mining sessions)
>approximately 4.17% of pool payout threshold completed

Not counting currently active mining sessions, the pool has mined a total of 35.5 million accepted hashes during this payout period.

Whenever the pool reaches its payout threshold, all miners receive individual payouts based on the number of accepted hashes contributed. Payouts will be send to the provided BTC or XMR address automatically. No further interaction is needed.

Please note that you have to mine at least once a week. Inactive miners not mining accepted hashes for more than seven (7) days will be auto-deleted and their shares will go back to the pool, to later be fairly split among the actually active miners.

Enjoy mining!

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Have fun!

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