Born in design, raised in code, entangled in cybersecurity.


Since 1997, people on and off the internet mostly know me as “e-sushi”. I am an experienced cybersecurity expert, a well-vetted cross-platform software development specialist, as well as a seasoned graphic design professional who embraces visual communications across all media.

During the past three decades, I served the military of two different countries, helped startups evolve into full-blown businesses, enhanced the cybersecurity of major corporations and institutions, and have been featured in a multitude of books, magazines, and news articles around the globe.


A random example would be the book “Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network” by Jason E Street, where two of my meanwhile abandoned red team software tools – “Lognamer” and “IEClean” – are part of the story in chapter 5. (Link, PDF)

Another random example would be press references from 2019, which were published after I publically told Facebook via Twitter that I detected Facebook’s security misconduct related to user account registrations and Facebook demanding the personal password of their email provider – which turned out to have impacted the privacy as well as the security of millions of Facebook users…


USA Today







Daily Mirror





BBC News

PC Welt


der Standard

Le Soir

Using your favorite search engine, you should be able to find ample more references that covered me for various things over the past decades. I refrained from listing them all because there are simply too many of them out there.



You can contact me via email at contact@e-sushi.net.


To keep up to date with my personal rants and raves, you are more than welcome to follow me at Twitter: @originalesushi.

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Last but not least, here are some of my free goodies that you might enjoy.

MiniBin for Microsoft Windows

MiniBin by e-sushi is the quick and easy recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area. MiniBin is completely configurable as well as themeable using standard icon files (*.ico) via minibin’s context menu. Also, you can change or translate every text e-sushi’s minibin displays by simply modifying minibin’s INI file. Minibin has been build by e-sushi to adapt to its user’s personal preferrences.

configure the icon double click action in e-sushi’s minibin

system integration of e-sushi’s minibin

pick your own icons for e-sushi’s minibin

Use e-sushi’s minibin to remove that trash in style… recycle it your way!

Download: minibin.zip

DNS Blocklist

This is not your average ad-blocking URI DNS-based blackhole list. Even though it also blocks advertisements, stops tracking efforts, and includes domains that superfluously waste bandwidth, it additionally targets domains which are used to serve suspicious and/or malicious stuff that could potentially have an impact on your personal privacy or even endanger your device’s security.

Please note that, depending on our own preferences, this HOSTS file may block services that you might want to use. You are advised to evaluate the individually blocked domains and remove those domains which you want to be able to connect to nevertheless. Also note that this HOSTS file is by no means something that will keep you 100% secure. Therefore, you are advised to use it in combination with other HOSTS files which you might or might not be using, and to apply additional measures of protection to keep your device secure – like frequently updating your device’s operating system so it includes the latest security patches.

Permalink: https://e-sushi.net/dns-blocklist/hosts.txt

Ad-Block Filter Rules

If you are using an ad-blocking browser addon like “AdGuard” or “uBlock Origin”, you might alternatively want to use the matching filter list.

Be aware of the fact that it doesn’t make sense to use both the hosts file and this filter rules file at the same time. Both block exactly the same set of domains, so don’t waste system resources in a blocking overkill frenzy.

Permalink: https://e-sushi.net/dns-blocklist/filters.txt

Google Android stuff


StackExchange (aka StackOverflow)

I used to be pretty active at the StackExchange network and contributed a lot of my spare time as an elected moderator of CryptographySE from June 2015 to February 2018, helping the Cryptography Q&A community grow from zero to hero together with two great co-moderators. During that time, I had the honor to interact with users that included some of the nicest and smartest, well-known people in the industry. Meanwhile, I’m not really active there anymore. Nevertheless, one never knows when such things might change again…

profile for e-sushi on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

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